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SOON TO BE:  Providing full spectrum primary care services

Low monthly membership fee

Innovative access to care

Simplifying the doctor-patient relationship

Removing third party interests from the exam room

No sharing of medical information with outside parties without consent

Guiding members seeking quality and lower cost outside medical care

Opening July 20, 2020

We at NW Pioneer DPC are excited to announce that as of July 20, 2020, we will open our doors for patient care appointments with Dr. Cranney. 


Please feel free to contact us to arrange for an initial visit.  Just an advisement that we provide no patient care during the initial appointment in an effort to make sure that signing up for the practice is not coerced in any way.  This initial visit is free of charge.  This visit also to enables potential patients to see if Dr. Cranney would be a good fit for them (and the other way around as well!)  

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Contact us by calling or texting 509-673-7221 or email info@nwpioneer.com with any questions.


  • Same day appointments

  • Convenient access to medical care through text, phone, e-mail, or video

  • Talk directly with the Doctor


  • Unrushed office visits

  • A physician who listens

  • Partnership to meet your health goals

  • Assistance in negotiating the health care system

  • Like having a doctor in the family


  • Monthly fee covers all of your primary care services

  • Steep discounts for generic medications and laboratory tests

  • Complete price transparency

  • Individual and family pricing plans




Direct Primary Care is a rapidly growing movement designed to make medical care affordable, accessible, and most of all convenient for patients.

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2020 E 29th Ave, Suite 235
Spokane, WA 99203

Please feel free to text us at the phone number listed as well